Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Holy TBN Network and Ruby Pier

In America's modern age two seemingly different songs of one spirit have been broadcast into the cosmos. One of the most dedicated modern churches whose pulpit streams from the heavens is the TBN Network. This virtual space age church utilizes over 77 satellites in orbit which broadcast to the various nations of the earth an evangelical spirit of Christ in several languages.

The TBN has a very unique corporate logo that is based on middle age European Heraldry which came into its own about 1111 years after the birth of Christ.

Logo of TBN Network

Upon the navy blue shield is a golden cross, on the center of the cross is a white dove pointing downwards. The supporter on the left side is a Lion, while the right side supporter is a white horse. On top of the shield at the 'helm' is the three letter designation TBN - which stands for Trinity Broadcasting Network. On the crest is a Christian gold and blue crown. There are two ribbons - in the compartment written in Old Northern European Script it is written Trinity Broadcasting Network. The second ribbon wraps around the Lion's belly flows up and behind the crown and then wraps around the white horse it reads - Rex Regnum around the Lion which mean King of Kings or acoustically (Reign Regal ). Around the horse it reads Fidelum Et which means Faithful & Truth or acoustically (Fidelity Is). Just to the left of the white horses knee is the modern corporate icon - TM (Trade Mark).

From another side of the American soul another spirit has shined its light into the heats of the American people. Although not as organized - it has a more intuitive and unstructured means of communion.
Ruby Pier with flag in background

Examples of this inspirational storyteller mode of communion are Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bachand Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom.

Although the mysterious storyteller side of the post modern American congregation has no official structure or herald, perhaps the pennant of Ruby Pier can fulfill this role? A version of this pennant was made in 2004 in the film adaptation of Five People You Meet in Heaven with John Voight.

Ruby Pier Pennant

In the film the pennant has yellow background with Ruby Pier written in red upon it, note seagulls in the background.

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