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Comedy Central's Controversial Flags - South Park & the Daily Show

Flag of South Park
Imagination Land, USA

Two immensely popular shows on Comedy Central spawned two imaginary flags that lampoon and allude to the Confederate Flag Controversy, from a supposed 'comedic' point of view. These imaginary flags mirror the issues associated with Confederate Flag without mentioning it. The 'racist' South Park flag was created in 2000 while the anti-'whitey' flag was created in 2010.

School Debate on what to do about the Flag

In South Park's 4th season - July 5, 2000 - the town flag of South Park became the center of a controversy. South Park's most popular African American resident - Chef - claimed the original flag was racist. The original South Park flag showed a black figure being hanged and surrounded by four white figures.

Chef sees the flag as a blatant racist symbol, but many other residents are totally blind to Chef's point of view. Rather they cherish their flag as a cultural symbol of heritage and history.

Is the flag 'History' or 'Racism'?

In one scene the children debate whether or not to change the South Park flag. You can see the full episode by clicking the link below to South Park's Internet site.

Chef Goes Nanners (Warning Adult Content & Language - R)

Flag of Nat Turner Rebellion Catillion
Edited to say 'Like Mikey'

From the 'other' point of view the Daily Show did a comedic-commentary about an imaginary Nat Tuner Flag in an attempt to put the shoe on the other foot of persons who believe the rise of the Confederacy had nothing to do with slavery.

This fictitious flag was created in honor of the Nat Tuner Slave Rebellion in 1831. I have edited the Nat Tuner flag to read, "Like Mikey." However the flag that aired on Comedy Central used more incendiary language. You can see the more controversial flag in the video below.

Disclaimer - The purpose of the blog is to discuss and articulate the modern day points of view about certain flag issues. Please note, the following links and videos should be viewed with discretion or adult supervision.
Comedy Central's biting take about Confederate Flag Issues PG-13

without gore and racism
Although this flag effectively reflects back a certain kind of sentiment about the Confederate Flag, from a certain Northern Point of View, the Daily Show broadly categorizes all Southerners as a group.

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