Monday, March 7, 2011

Futurama Flag - by Matt Groening

Flag of the Earth Nation 2999 AD?

Futurama is an animated sitcom born out of the imagination of Matt Groening - who was responsible for the Simpsons.

In Futurama the hero of the story is a pizza delivery born who accidentally gets cryogenically frozen on January 1, 2000 and awakens on December 31, 2999. Much has changed - aliens from distant planets live on earth, robots are sentient, and techonology rules everything. But some things never change - our hero Fry is assigned to be a delivery boy, as determined by a talent microchip that matches people to their best job.
Logo of Planet Express

The result is a satire on culture, gadgets, robots and all sorts of space age antics. If Star Trek were to have a baby with the Simpsons - Futurama is what you'd get. Although the show is supposed to take place in 1000 years in the future - the show often mocks the modern day with a twisted and witty humour. Essentially people in the future are not so different from today - although they have marvelous technologies and can travel to the moon in a jiffy - the people of earth in 2999 are rather cynical, greedy and prone to stupidity.

The three main characters
Leela (purple hair), Fry (red hair), Bender (the robot)

In one episode Futurama takes on the issue of burning the Flag of Earth, which looks remarkably like the flag of the United States. The primary difference is that there are no stars, instead a cloudless view of the American Hemisphere in its place - on navy blue background. The flag is also called 'Old Freebie' instead of 'Old Glory.'

In the episode we are privy to Mat
Groening's view on the issue of burning the American Flag - although Groening never explicitly says so, you'd be a dim wit not to make the connection.

Short Video About Futurama

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