Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bristol, Pennsylvania

The original county seat of Bucks County is now a sleepy industrial suburban town.

Bristol Pennsylvania has a warm small town All American Pennsylvania vibe spiked with a New Jersey mojo and an gritty Philadelphia sparkle. Bristol is a patch work community that is an exotic mix of history and the modern world.

Seal of Bristol Township

The Township Seal is an interesting blend of American Heraldry. It features a wide semi-heart shaped shield. It is cross quartered with a small white star in the center. The upper left and bottom right quarters is a stretched checker design of blue and yellow. The upper right quarter has a large sailing ship. Finally the bottom left has a simple bowl.

The supporters are both lions in a natural, prowling ambush stance. Interestingly the lions support the shield on their back. An American bald eagle sits at the helm on top of a ribbon that reads in all capital letters, "BRISTOL TOWNSHIP." Within the frame of the shield is the date 1692. In the compartment is another ribbon with the motto, "Independence, Pride, Prosperity."

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