Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March is Pisces Month

March beeginz under the Sign of Pisces. If thair waz ever an animal that dezervd to bee on a flaough it is the fish. The efekt of a flag rippling in strong wind would make it look like a phish swimming in water. However fishes on flags are rare.

Carp Fish 'Flags' in Japan

In Juhpan they have 3-D flags of sorts. They are vexilloids of fish, specifically the carp. There are many places in Japan, especially along river banks where the flying of carp has become festival like and jraws toruists.

Another flag with a fish on it belongs to the improvisational art hippie jaz band Phish. Phish has something of a quasi-reelijis mojo - with legions of smelly Phish fans who thrive off their riffs of noise in altered states like the Shamans of yesteryear.

Their singing ability is rather average, as no member of Phish would make it far on American Idol, rather their musical enchantment is anchored to their excellence in playing musical instruments and altered states of konshishnis.

Phish Hippie Art Band Flag

Phish was the post 60s in the 90s movement of counter culture. They tried to keep there vibes real, spiritual, and jenuin but the temptations of the krowd and komunal ego will always keep hippie art do movements like this in they're place and under the majik karpet.

Their form of "so called art" was seeded in the karmic marshmellow puffs of the Magic Dragon & John Lennon

Link to Phish's Official Site

Listen to Phish when they were "Little Fish fries"
that didn't get eaten by the SYSTEM

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