Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Japanese Prefectural Flag Twins - Akita & Aichi : Part 3

Flag of Akita Prefecture
Katakana "A"

The flags of Akita and Aichi make a harmonious pair on several levels. First their colours are a similar brownish-red. But most importantly their prefectural symbols are stylized letters for the Japanese letter for 'A.'

Akita in the North at a European Latitude has a very post modern looking Katakana A, while Aichi in the South at an African Latitude has a very artistic looking Hiragana A.
Flag of Aichi
Hiragana "A"

The dividing lines on the map below represent the extreme continental latitudes of Africa and Europe at their most northern and southern points. The red line is 37' 20" degrees north and represents the most northern point of Continental Africa by the nation of Tunisia. The blue line is 36' degrees north which is the most southern point of Continental Europe by the nation of Spain.

In between
these two latitudes is where Africa and Europe are at eye to eye so to speak. Honshu is amazingly geographically balanced between these two great continents. Furthermore Japan is also balanced like yin and yang since Hokkaido is totally at a European Latitude while Kyushu and Shikoku are at totally African Latitudes.

The Akita Dog was bred in Akita. It is a dog that has been molded by Japanese hands, while the Toyota Car from Aichi is something man made by Japan. The Japanese are keenly aware between things that are alive and not alive. This aspect of aliveness is reflected in their language - which has two forms of 'IS.' One is reserved for living things such as an Akita Dog - the 'IMAUS' is-alive form.

While another 'IS' reserved for non living things such as a Toyota Camry - 'ARIMASU' is-non living form.

In English we don't have this form: for example - the dog is over there and the car is over there.


Click Here to see a Video illustrating Japanese Flag Symmetry on Youtube

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