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Russian American Post Colonial Heritage Flags

Constellation of Ursa Major the Great Bear
the Flag of Alaska is based upon its back end

The colonization of the American West Coast is often overlooked, especially the story of the Russian Colonials. In the wake of this chapter of Russian-American history, I have created post-historical Russian Heritage Flags that are based on the flags of modern states of the USA and one province of Canada.

Russia Alaska Heritage Flag

Russians were the first European Group to settle in Alaska in 1784. It was one year after the United States had peacefully settled with the UK and was still operating under the Articles of Confederation - America Version 1.0. The US was rebooted under the Constitution in 1788 as America Version 2.0. It is an under statement to say that the US had some big 'run time errors' in 1785.
Flag of Alaska

The Russian Alaska Heritage Flag expands upon the constellation of the 'Big Dipper' by showing more of the stars in the official constellation -Ursa Major aka the Great Bear. Which of course, suits Russia. Upon the flag are 10 extra stars - for a total of 18. At the bottom of the flag are waves that represent the Pacific Ocean. The wave design was taken from the Russian Province Magadan, which is a proverbial cousin of Alaska by Russia.

The next heritage Russian Colonial-American flag links Russia to California. In 1812 a Russian Colony was planted in Sonoma County, without permission from the Spanish Government. It was named Ft. Ross and had a 29 year run. By convenient coincidence the flag of California features a bear and a red star. Likewise many conservative Americans often think of California as having a socialist tilt.
Flag of California

The Russian California Heritage Flag has a blue stripe instead of a red one. The background is all red and the text shows the dates of Ft. Ross' existence in California 1812-1841. The red star is conserved with a white fimbration.

Russia Hawaiian Heritage Flag

Even more obscure is the Russian Colony in Hawaii. The Russians attempted to colonize on Kauai - Ft. Elizabeth and Ft. Alexander by around 1816. King Kamehama had recently united all of the Hawaii Islands, thanks in part to new 'alien' technologies. The former King of Kauai hoped the Russians might change the political situation. It didn't.
Flag of Hawaii
The Russian Hawaiian Heritage Flag has a Russian Naval Jack in the canton instead of a UK Union Flag. The UK Union flag and Russian Naval Jack both have the same colours and crosses of St. Andrew and St. George. The stripes were also altered to mirror the national flag of Russia, twice.

Russia British Columbia Heritage Flag

The final flag of Russian American Heritage is linked to British Columbia in Canada. In 1821 the Russian Czar asserted that the southern boarder was 51' North instead of 54' 40" North. This dispute lasted until 1825 when the Russians finally agreed to 54' 40" with the Russo-British Treaty of 1825. When the US purchased Alaska from Russia she also inherited the treaty rights of 1825. For four short years Russia had a land claim in what was to become British Columbia. Which might have become Russian Columbia by some wicked twist of fate.
Flag of BC

Instead of the British Union Flag a Russian Naval Jack is used and the imperial crown is in the center instead of the Royal Crown of BC.

Link toRussia Today Documentary About Alaska on YouTube
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