Sunday, January 9, 2011

Battle Flag of the of the first shot - US Civil War - 150 years later

Fact Panel at the Citadel
Charleston, South Carolina

Many history books declare that the US Civil War started on April 12, 1861. Indeed it was the first clash of Northern and Southern Military Units. However the 'first shot' of the War Between the States, after a US State had removed herself from the Union, took place 150 years ago, today. Mississippi also left the Union on this date.
Current State Flag of Mississippi

Although the Confederacy was still in the works 'a military unit in rebellion' commenced hostile and deadly force against a 'foreign Union Ship' - under president Buchanan.

The cadets at the original citadel in Charleston, South Carolina opened fire upon the Star of the West. South Carolina left the union the previous year on December 20, 1860. From South Carolina's point of view The Star of the West was a foreign ship and trespassed into her waters.

Art work at the new Citadel Academy
illustrating the first shot of the 'Civil War'

During the 'opening shot' of the War Between the States a flag was reported to have been flown - a red palmetto. You can see images of this first of 'Rebel' battle flags at the new Citadel in South Carolina.

Close up of 1st Civil War Battle Flag - Big Red

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