Thursday, November 25, 2010

Swedish Thanksgiving 2010

Flag of Sweden at a
Car Dealer ship in the USA

Swedish-American history is often overlooked. The Swedish were the first Old World people to take up permanent residence in the Delaware Bay in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Western New Jersey. This chapter of Nordic-American history ran from 1638 until 1655. The first run of Nordic American history took place at the turn of the first millennium with Leif Ericson around 1001 AD.

American history books gush over Spanish, English, French, and Dutch settlement in the New World. Why don't the Swedes get some kind of Colonial American Glory? Why isn't there some romantic Swede-Native American story that is told over and over, like the Mayflower or Pocohantas? Can you think of any honored Swedish Colonials? If the Swedes didn't come to America, we probably wouldn't have Lincoln Logs or Log Cabin Republicans.

Perhaps Peanuts could do a Holiday Special commemorating the Swedish landing at the Delaware Bay. It was in the wake of Sweden that America's first colonial capitol came to be - Philadelphia.

Worried about what to bring to the next Thanksgiving? How about Swedish Meatballs?

The Colours of Sweden at an
American IKEA in Pennsylvania

In honor of things Swedish we can appreciate the two Flagship Companies of Sweden: IKEA & VOLVO. If you ever visit these places you may find a Swedish Flag flying over head. Swedish flags do not create any issues but imagine if Honda or KIA dealers were to fly the flag of Japan and Korea at their dealerships?

However the lovable and mostly neutral Swedes can get away with displaying their nations colours.

Thanks to Swedes/Finns and Frank Loyd Wright's Son we have Lincoln Logs
the Finns were still united with Sweden when they colonized the Delaware Bay & they brought over "Log Cabin" technology that Brits were ignorant about
Here the Colours of Sweden are honored in the flag of Philadelphia, which is the oldest official City Flag in the Entire USA
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