Sunday, November 7, 2010

Greatest American Hero Flags

On March 18, 1981 a new Super Hero was born. In the aftermath of the American cultural revolution of the 60s and funk of the 70s - came the Greatest American Hero. This television show aired until the day after Ground Hog Day in 1983.

The basic jist was an unassuming well meaning special education teacher was drafted by 'higher powers' to show the world how great America could be. His name was Ralph and he reluctantly took on the role. His missteps and bumbling into the role of superhero was comical and at the same time inspirational. The team up of crusaders were a yin-yang odd couple - one guy looked like a 'swim with wales and save the earth' type while the other guy was a meat eating, gun toting, patriot.

In the first episode several flags were shown. The first scene starts with a dune buggy chase. An FBI agent is being pursued by a group of heavily armed shaved heads guys and gals. The flag on their buggies is a pennant.

The colours are black, white, and silver. Harmoniously the letters G & A are artistically combined with a sword. What does the G & A stand for? We don't know. It oddly aligns with Greatest American, minus the hero.

In the first episode two other flags shown are the US Federal Flag and the Flag of California at Whitney High, which is rumored to named after the highest peak in California, Mt. Whitney.

Flag of the misguided militant
Christians and the FBI agent who
gives Ralph the suit from another world

Long story short, Ralph is chosen to wear the outfit of the 'Greatest American Hero.' The colours of his outfit are red, white, and black. On his chest is the insignia which looks like the Chinese Character for 'middle.'
Apparently the symbol was inspired by the handle portion of a pair of scissors.

Others flags shown in the pilot episode are the US flag, and California State Flag.

Close up of California Cult Flag

Video Montage & Credits of the Greatest American Hero

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Star Wars & Greatest American Hero Fan?
Did you know Ralph was almost Luke Skywalker?

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