Sunday, October 3, 2010

Taiwan & Bruma & Myanmar & China

Flag of Taiwan
In the Canton is a solar disc with 12 rays
The Sun reflects the power of Day

There is a delicate balance in East Asia, where the ancient scars of the Cold War fester on beyond the shores of Pusan/Busan. The acrimonious-abortion like political issues rest firmly tied to the nations of Taiwan and Myanmar. Their flags are vexillologically similar. Just as Israeli and Palestinian issues embroil West Asia, in East Asia, mainland China and Burma rest at the tipping point in between chaos and peace.

Only a certain percentage of nations recognize 'free market' China, aka Taiwan. The US used to recognize it as the real China, but then things went awry in the 1970s and the US flip flopped and decided to pull the carpet out from Taiwan and instead, warmed up to Communist China. Basically the US was taking advantage of a Russian-Chinese spat. It worked.

Myanmar used to be called Burma, which used to be a part of India when it was in the British Empire. Myanmar made a big splash in American Consciousness when Pepsi Co tried to open business in the 1990s, but a well executed anti-Myanmar protest blocked this corporation's right to free trade with a rather draconian nation.

As of now Taiwan and Myanmar remain in the semi-nation category like Puerto Rico, Palestine, and Greenland. At least Greenlanders will always have the comfort of knowing Santa Clause will protect them from evil and jerks wads, so long are they are nice and don't pout.

Flag of Myanmar
There are 14 stars in circle
Stars reflect the power of Night

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