Monday, October 18, 2010

NAVA 44 Flag

Flag of NAVA 44

The 44th North American Vexillological Association's meeting was held in Los Angeles. The NAVA 44 Flag was deeply reflective of the flag of this most popular of US Cities - LA.

Official Flag of Los Angeles

The LA City flag was hoisted at the 1980 Moscow Olympics at the closing ceremony since the US was absent. The US did not attend because of issues related to the War in Afghanistan.

If the Soviets really wanted to rock the boat they could have hoisted the California State Flag. It has a red star and a bear facing left. Also Imperial Russia had planted a colony in California just north of San Francisco from 1812 to 1842 - Fort Ross.

California's State flag echos the
typical design of a Soviet Era flag

Before California became the 31st state, it was a part of Mexico and before the Mexico it was mostly under Spanish Control. But when the Napoleon stepped on Spain, the Russians coincidentally set up a colony in 1812, and the famous Russian composer, Tchaikovsky would write a memorable musical score about the War of 1812.

Other NAVA 44 flag proposals

Watch LA Flag fly at 1980 Moscow Olympics

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