Sunday, October 24, 2010

No Flags in the NY Times 2011 Almanac!?

One of the most cherished introduction points that speaks to the inner vexillologist in everyone is missing in the 2011 NY Times Almanac edition!

I have always enjoyed the NY Times Almanac but they cut out one of the best parts of an almanac. Perhaps next year the maps of the world will be in black and white?

National flags change every so often, we need to know. Besides almanacs are usually the only book with flags that is always stocked in a book store! Try it go to book store and ask for a book about flags. They will either tell you" 'we can order it' or try to sell you a kiddie book with flag stickers.

A note to NY Times Almanac editor: John W. Wright. What you did was far from right.

You can visit the NY TIMES

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