Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Coffee News & Neils Bohr

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Getting things published in circulating print can be an adventure. At one end there are world famous circulating documents that have recognition by everyone like the New York Times and at the other there are small town papers, like the weekly Coffee News of Central Bucks, PA.

The Coffee News is 'FREE!' weekly one sheet paper filled with the essential elements of a newspaper: Horoscope, Good & Bad News, trivia, jokes, and quirky facts that tickles the bones of the reader. As the motto says, "News to be enjoyed over coffee." It delivers on its motto. Like the NY Times the micro-paper depends on ads to keep it afloat.

Notice that Neils Bohr is quoted in an
ancient Chinese riddle-pun tone
'what is the sound of one hand clapping?'

Volume 2:116 October 17, 2010 issue of the Coffee News had a quote from Niels Bohr. Mr. Bohr was nothing of a bore yet at times his ideas can bore high school students who care nothing of physics. Niels Bohr was a pioneer who challenged the orthodoxy of how the universe worked. He was awarded a coat of arms that features the Yin & Yang symbol, since this ancient Chinese symbol reflected many of the cosmic notions that can be found in the inner cosmos of the atom.

To the right is the coat of arms issued to a Danish scientist for his brilliant advance for understanding the ways and means of the Universe. He was given an ancient icon from long, long ago when the earth was in a different part of galaxy!

You can visit the Coffee News

Or NY Times Here


(both are equally IMPORTANT & live off of advertising)

The Coffee Table News - A newspaper that is actually a piece of paper!

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