Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fort Whoop Up Flag

Flag of Fort Whoop Up?

Fort Whoop Up was an American 'speak easy' set up in Canada around 1869. Fort Whoop Up was basically an illegal fort set up in Alberta by American fungal dope dealers of alcohol. If you didn't know alcohol is a type of fungal dope, or rather fungal excrement. FYI, when yeast (a fungus) eats the sugars it can only burn it a certain way. The remainder waste product of its food (yeast poo) is excreted as alcohol. This substance has plagued and blessed mankind since the reign of Pharaohs. More potent fungal dope is known to certain shamans of Siberia, Grateful Dead fans, and Super Mario.

Yankee Traders sold a brewed Fungal Dope
to Native Canadians (1st Nations Peoples) Illegally

When Fort Whoop Up was set up in Alberta, American whisky traders set up this trading post illegally to make their fortunes. They flew a flag that had wide stripes on the bottom and thiner stripes by the canton. The canton seemed to have some shapes that were either boxes or crosses. To this day the details of this flag are unclear. However a flag of this nature did indeed fly in 1869 in Alberta.

The new Canadian government wanted to shut it down and was apprehensive. But when word got out that Mounties were coming, the rum runners gave no resistance and fled south of the border.


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