Monday, September 27, 2010

Hard Rock Cafe Flag

Business are important entities that fly flags. One famous restaurant flag is the Hard Rock Cafe Flag.

It has five different colours. The most dominant is tan-brown which forms the main background. A yellow disc in the center. Hard Rock is written in 50s style print with CAFE below all in white capital letters. Fourthly there is recessive white rectangle centered in the middle, and a white fringe around the yellow disc with a slightly larger black circle. Finally black is used to fringe the CAFE letters, as fringe around the disc, and in the TM (Trade Mark).

The "Perry Black Burger"
Matthew Perry's Ships were
Black and what is remembered
by most Japanese Upon their
coerced opening in 1859 by USA

I have been to the Hard Rock Cafe in Yokohama, Japan. I was there on the 150th anniversary opening of Japan by the USA. In honor of this Grand Opening of a Japan's business to the West by the US, the Hard Rock Cafe in Yokohama offered the Black Perry Burger with black bread. I think it was pumpernickel? It was tasty. If I remember correctly it had Swiss Cheese and mushrooms.

It felt good and a little strange to spread love and rock n' roll by eating a pumper nickle black burger in honor of Matthew Perry's historic visit to Japan in 1859.

jonesing for some rock and roll noise while you eat?

Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia

Friday, September 24, 2010

Capture the Flag? Politically Speaking

The Naval Delta or
Letter "D" Flag

On the Philly weekend edition of the METRO Sept 17-19, 2010, an opinion by Tom Foreman, a political voice of CNN, wrote an article called, "Capture the Party Flag." Using a metaphor from a classic military game, Foreman essentially said that the Tea Party hi-jacked the invisible 'Change Flag' from Obama.

Go to
to get the full story

According to Foreman the Tea Party is waving the 'Change Flag.' Thus any political group out of power will naturally wave the "Change-Delta" flag to unseat the power that is. I suppose the Delta flag is essentially a subversive flag?

Sometimes change is good, sometimes change is bad. No matter what when political power changes, it will immediately be good for some and bad for others. But in my opinion, everything always changes, for the better in the long run, "from a certain point of view," as Obiwan once said.

The Sorority Delta Delta Delta using the Delta Flag Colours in their Key Chain

you can visit the home of the triple Ds at

Contrary to using the Iconic Greek Letter of Change "Delta"
Delta is not necessarily an advocate of Change

"Fly with Spare Change on Delta"

US-Okinawa Flag 1952-1972

One more thing.... a military guidon version of the delta flag was used by the Occupational Authority of Okinawa. After WWII Okinawa remained under US control for 20 more years from 1952-1972. It seemed that Okinawa was going to remain a part of the US. They even switched which side cars were to drive on, the dominant right side. Change was certainly in the air in both Japan and the US during the US-Okinawa Delta Flag period.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autum Equinox

The balance between day and night!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Patriot Day USA

In between Delaware and Philadelphia, one of the most important battles of the US Revolution took place on September 11, 1777. The battle of Brandywine, along the Brandywine Creek. General Washington lost this battle and it opened the door for Loyalist occupation of the nation's original capital, Philadelphia.
Brandywine Creek Flag
September 11, 1777

America's future was in peril, if the British would have been more aggressive, Washington could have been captured. Washington's opponent was an old ally turned new enemy. Previously Washington fought alongside General Howe for King and Country during the 'French and Indian Wars.'

This situation is akin to Grant and Lee who were once allies in the Mexican American War, but later become mortal enemies during the Civil War. But instead of it being North vs. South, one can frame the US Revolution as a proverbial battle of East vs. West. Washington fighting for the West, since he was born on the west side of the Atlantic, and Howe representing the East since he was born on the east side of the Atlantic. Howe was an experienced colonial war veteran who helped destroy the French North American Empire.

Interestingly the Brandywine Flag and Foster Flag are two flags of similar design. The more famous flag is the Battle of Brandywine Flag. According to tradition this flag was flown on September 11, 1777 by the Pennsylvania 7th Regiment under captain Robert Wilson. The battle of Brandywine was one of the largest engagements of the Rebellious West and Loyalist East. Perhaps a reason Brandywine is often overlooked is because the pro UK-Unionists were the victors. Ironically Washington's September 11th defeat was good for his men and nation. The consequence was a permanent forging of the American Spirit unto diamond like resolve. The bitter winter at Valley Forge was a curse as much as it was a blessing.

Forster "First Blood" Flag
April 19, 1775

Another flag of similar mark to the Brandywine flag is the Forster Flag. This flag is originally thought to be a UK regimental flag modified and turned in to a US flag. The story is, on the first day of blood shed between colonials and British troops April 19, 1775 a British flag was captured and turned into a rebel US flag.

Form April 19,1775 until June 14, 1777 there was no official flag, so a variety of flags fluttered for the revolutionary cause.

Eleven years ago in 1999 the US Post Office issued a commorative US Flag set

You can Visit the Battle Brandywine Creek Museum

You can visit the Brandywine Visitor's Center Here

Friday, September 3, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Virgo Islands and Monserrat

Flag of the UK Virgin Islands
In the Eastern Caribbean

September is Virgo month, so in honor of the cosmic Virgin of the night sky, who is ironically not visible during September, here are two Virgo like flags. The first flag belongs to the UK Virgin Islands. They are right next to the US Virgin Islands but with a British flare.

Amazingly there is another British Island in the Caribbean next to the Virgin Islands that also has a woman on the badge, Montserrat. These astoudingly beautiful tropical islands are similar yet different. It's like the difference between Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The Women of the Caribbean Looking Eye to Eye
The woman on the British Virgin "Virgo" Islands is wearing a white dress on a green background and coincidentally the woman of Montserrat is wearing a green dress. The girls are holding several items: a cross, harp, and lamp. The cross and lamps are Christian symbols. The Cross is an obvious symbol but the lamp is a wee bit obscure. Back in the late 1400s Cristofolo Colon gave the Virgin Islands its name, since there were so many, in honor of St. Ursula.

The story of St. Ursula is rather interesting. St. Ursula was a Roman-British Princess, who lived long before the creation of England proper. One version of her story is that after surviving a deadly sea storm and visiting the Pope she went on a pilgrimage with 300 to 11,000 other virgins. While crossing by Cologne her mass of virgins were attacked and killed by the Pagan Huns. This all took place sometime between the 3rd and 4th century. There is a deep grain of truth to this story, but as this story was retold it may have been embellished.

Flag of Montserrat
in the Western Caribbean

The British used to love this story when they were still tied to the Catholic Church, since a Roman-British Princess was involved. Coincidentally the harp on Montserrat is reflective of Ireland where the last bastion of 'British Catholics' still celebrate St. Ursula's day at mass on October 21.

10 Sec Clip of Video I made last year about UK Islands