Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pineapple Welcome Flag

Who lives at the bottom of the sea in a proverbial welcome mat for all to see?

Sponge Bob Square Pants!!!!!

Bob is an enchanting animated yellow coral sponge known by Gen-X, Gen-Y, and Gen-I. Nationally and internationally children and young adults are familiar with arguably Nicktoon's biggest superstar "Sponge Bob Square Pants."

He is a total square, like a nerd, whose innocent fun loving attitude is perpetually that of an elementary school kid, but the show is also spiced with adult oriented themes. Certainly, children who grew up on the show will be able to enjoy this cartoon on a different level in adulthood.

The interesting vexillological-flag coincidence is that the "PINEAPPLE FLAG" reflects Mr. Pants, Bob Square's attitude.... "WELCOME." If you didn't know, places that fly the pineapple flag are basically saying come on in! We want you to visit!

Everyone is Welcome at Bob's!

When a business flies the flag, it's sending out a signal that all are welcome to visit here, argh matie! And if your business happens to sell crab cakes - "Crabby Patties" - be sure to fly this flag!

Bobby's house is for everyone to enjoy, and it's made out of the universal symbol for welcome....a pineapple!

Below is an edited version of this Nicktoon. This intro is cute and clever. It basically invites all kids (and adults) to watch and enjoy. It doesn't matter your ethnic, religion, or language....Mr. Square-Pants will welcome you all!

A video combining Sponge Bob theme with the Pineapple Flag

You can visit Sponge Bob's Website Here at Nickelodeon

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