Sunday, August 29, 2010

EPYX Summer Games Flag

In 1984 the Summer Games computer game was released by EPYX. The games are based on the Olympics. There is a novel opening ceremony, and for its time it really was 'one giant leap forward for gamer kind.'

This EPYX's Summer Games came out at about the same time the arcade game Track and Field came out.

The first thing must do in this game is to pick a nation to play as. Since it was made in 1984, the Soviet Union was included. As you select a nation by clicking the flag, you get to hear a shortened jingle of the national anthem.

The interesting vexillological note is that EPYX added their own national flag, with a national anthem.

Flag of the 'EPYX' nation
The Original 1984 Gamer Flag

Enlarged here is the flag of the EPYX nation. It is has a black background. In the center is the outline of a man in white who looks like the famous thinker, but has his left hand on an 80s style joystick. There are two horizontal parallel yellow lines that run behind the man just below the mid section of the flag. Near the bottom is thicker violet line that is unbroken.

You can listen to the EPYX Anthem here!

For more info on this game you can visit Matt Chat on Youtube

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