Monday, August 16, 2010

New Delhi Ink

Getting a tattoo of your favorite national flag is not anything all that special but getting all the flags of the world tattooed on your body certainly is.

A man from India has embarked on a destiny to certainly go where no man has gone before, to cover his body with every national flag of the world.

They call him Guinness Rishi. Born in 1943, that makes him older than many of the world flags, especially of Africa.

Rishi's mantra must be, 'love the world and it will love you back.' He took this to heart. Rishi is carrying the world proverbially on his back, but literally on his belly.

Covering your tummy with flags is also the perfect excuse to justify a big round belly. Furthermore you can always have the whole world within your grip, or rather in your abs.

One suggestions is that he should leave a little extra space, as flags change every so often, especially in Africa. Rishi is a living work of vexillological history.

A bow and greeting taken literally
"Top of the world to you sir or mam!"

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