Thursday, August 5, 2010

Captain Samuel C. Reid's Flag

Reid's Idea for 1818 Flag

Every flag book will tell you that in 1818 the flag was standardized under president Monroe. Some may even tell you that it was Samuel C. Reid, a US Naval Officer who advocated the reduction of stripes from 15 to 13 stripes. And so it was on April 4, 1818 the US Flag 'came of age' when She was 40 years old. The first known congressional record about the national flag was made on June 14, 1777.
Reid's Original Design

Of Yin and Yang the 13 stripes connect the banner to the original revolution from 1777 with a modern constellation with 50 stars of 1960...that's a 183 year time span.

Although there is some controversy as to who sewed and designed the first national flag back in 1777 (I believe the Ms. Ross account) we know for a fact a not so nutty Nutmegger was responsible for 'retro' 13 striped and perpetually modern and expanding star field flag. State bragging rights go to Norwich, Connecticut home town of Captain Reid.

Captain Reid also proposed other flags that were rejected. I have made a modern rendition of his personally designed flag that was to be the:

'Standard of the Union'
Modern Rendition
Reid's original design

The background colour is buff which looks like khaki with a darker tint. Blue and Bluff were to colours of George Washington.

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