Friday, August 27, 2010

Bucks County Flag

Bucks County is one of the three original counties created in the initial charter to William Penn. Originally it was called Buckinghamshire County, but it was shortened to Bucks.

The most dominant colour is navy blue, which serves as a background. In the center is a yellow disc with the County Seal upon it. There are five apparent circles that can be counted. Starting from the outer ring: the first largest is the yellow, next is a rope ring, followed by thing green ring with writing on it, finally the inner ring is another rope ring that balances with the larger rope ring.

In the middle of the rings apparent is the county seal. The County Seal consists of a white shield divided by central horizontal evenly placed black stripe. Upon the black stripe are three white discs. On the crest of the shield is a tree, perhaps an oak. Vines are on the left and right sides of the shield.

Finally on the green ring it is written,

The flag is simple and follows the traditional order of sub-sub federal flags that that are low key and humble in design. For it's purpose and station it is an excellent and appropriate design.