Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ocean City, New Jersey

This article is about the City Seal for Ocean City, NJ. It has an eight spoke ship wheel. Written on the Navigator's wheel are the words, "OCEAN CITY" near the crest, and "NEW JERSEY" near the compartment.

The central ring is gold and looks like the a circular ship's window with 16 rivets.

The picture 'within' the central 'portal' is that of the famous NJ Boardwalk & Atlantic Ocean. A ship is cruising in background with it's bow pointing towards the fly.

On the crest is the ancient symbol of a mariner, a trident made of wood. On the left-hoist side is a women swan diving in a conservative red bikini with a blue bathing cap. On the right-fly side is what seems to be some kind of mythical fish-humanoid like creature coloured green.

Below the seal is a lighter blue ribbon that reads, "AMERICA'S GREATEST FAMILY RESORT." Finally in the compartment (bottom of the seal) is the lower handle of the trident that is recessive to all elements on the seal. Previously Ocean City's motto used to be, "WEALTH, HEALTH, HAPPINESS."

Ocean City, NJ is a great family resort and caters its entertainment towards a family feel. Teenagers should go to Wild Wood and Atlantic City can provide grown up entertainment. Ocean City is a dry town. Thus before you cross the border, numerous liquor stores will greet you. The flag of Ocean City is basically the Delta flag with the city seal in the middle.

Flag of Ocean City, New Jersey
the motto was previously
"Health, Wealth, Happiness"

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  1. You see, it doesn't take much effort to make a 'seal' flag interesting. Just vary the field colour