Thursday, July 22, 2010

Steven Colbert & US Flag

The US Flag has become a ubiquitous emblem waving in the background of cable news networks. One amazingly effective, over the top, and delightful use of the US Flag takes place on the Colbert Report on Comedy Central.

In the show's introduction Steven Colbert jumps off a 'SCILF' while holding the US flag. He then swoops through the air while all sorts of capitalized adjectives that humbly describe himself and the show fly through the air.

Steven lands on the floor like a Gladiator meets Captain America, and the arena comes to life like he is Magneto from the X-Men. It is an funny, effective, and 'Vexillicious' use of the American Flag but perhaps all things are not what they seem?

A covert reporter from Fox News has discovered a subliminal message in Colbert's background. It seems that Mr. Colbert may have a secret Islamic Agenda? The Muslim Crescent with star can be seen in the background. Perhaps he is an operative of Turkey psi-ops corp?
Or perhaps Colbert is an extreme fan of Turkey Meat?

"Steven's Genetically Modified Cybernetic Flageegul"

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  1. hi, i'm wrinting from turkey, i'm surfing on web i incidentally saw this page. probably you know that, this method using by ulliminati. yes firstly its look like a subliminal message but i can't make any connection between turkey with ulliminati. because they are not man of islam or christianty. they are satanists. they usually give anti-religion messages. they enemy of islam or any other religions except satanizm. so they not support us. respects...

  2. That is not a Muslim crescent. It is the letter "C" for Colbert.