Sunday, July 18, 2010

Three Brother's Pizza!

Something fun..... I made, almost everywhere in the Philadelphia region there is a generic Three Brothers Pizza or some kinda' of Brother's Pizza. Here is a Three Brother's Pizza most people under 40 would recognize.

In the middle is the original video game hero Mario who became famous with Donkey Kong.

On the right side is his true brother Luigi who became famous in the underworld with Mario Brothers while working in the sewers.

Finally on the sinister-left side is Wario, the mean anti-hero of Mario. We still don't know his exact relation to Mario and Luigi. But I think Wario is perhaps 1/2 a brother because of his pointy ears? Maybe he's half Vulcan or something?

But vexillologically speaking the flag of Italy is on the background!

Below is a catchy retro Nintendo commerical made with late 80s-early 90s funk....

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