Tuesday, July 20, 2010

British Columbia Mojo

Flag of British Columbia

Five US states have legal claims to bi-national heritage. From 1818 to 1846 Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Western Montana, and a nibble of Wyoming were a part of 'UK-Canada' and the 'USA.' Thus any person in these lands were living simultaneously on US Property and Canadian Property. So if you were born anywhere in this sort of 'DMZ-Neutral Zone', your nationality was a kin to a Siamese Twin with two national heads, the United Kingdom and United States.

The Canadians called this region Columbia District, while the US called it Oregon Country (USK).

In honor of this strange twilight 28 year period, when Canadian and US History re-merged as one, I have created honorable mention British Columbia Mojo Flags.


Washington B.C. Mojo
Regular Flag of Washington State

Washington State is different from most flags because it is a green flag. All it's missing are four dollar signs, and tada' you'd have a one dollar bill!

Idaho B.C. Mojo
Regular Idaho State Flag

Idaho was once crawling with Canadian Mountain Men: French and English. But now it's American Mountain Man Central. Interesting note is that Sarah Palin was born in Idaho, not Alaska! Thus She is the Mother Mountain Queen of Idaho.

Oregon B.C. Mojo
Regular Oregon State Flag

You say PO-TAE-TOE, I say PO-TAT-TOH or rather Canadians said Columbia and Yanks said Oregon. A good way to get under the skin of Canadians is to bring up the spelling of humor.

A Canadian says to an American:
"Didn't you know humour has a 'you' in it?"
The American replies: "No.....I'm sorry....I didn't. We don't include 'you' in our humor, because 'you' are not funny."

Montana B.C. Mojo
Regular Montana Flag

The mountains of Montana were once one and one with Canada and the USA.

Wyoming B.C. Mojo
Regular Wyoming Flag

Wyoming's special it's the only state that was both Mexican and Canadian Territory. Thus it is the truest universal cowboy state. Why? Wyoming has the original Mexican Cowboy Mojo, Canadian Horsemanship Mojo, Texan Ranger Republic Mojo, and last but not least Yankee Hustler Mojo!

Mountains, rivers, plains oh my! All four seasons wet and dry, Wyoming Cowboys sure fly high!

Finally, we must not forget the other point of view. Since the states of the Pacific North West have a bit of British Columbia Mojo, British Columbia must have a bit of Oregon Country Mojo.

British Columbia Oregon Mojo
British Columbia entered the Canadian Dominion in 1871 and was the 6th province. USK is an acronym for United States and Kingdom.