Tuesday, June 1, 2010

UK Flag Institute Spring Meeting 2010: Part XI

Czech Vexillological Society Flag
The eleventh speaker was our second guest from the Czech Republic, Jaroslav Martykan. Martykan is one of the founding members of the Czech Vexillological Society and specializes in community, municipal, and sporting flags. His presentation was entitled the Regional flags of Bohemia.
The White Lion
Symbolizes the Czech

A white lion on a red background is the symbol of the Czech nation. Once again Martykan echoed that the US flag code is a valued resource in flag etiquette. One thing I found interesting is that in the German Communities within Czech prefer to fly local community flags rather than the Czech flag.

Regional Flag of Plezen

One regional flag that piqued interest was that of Plezen Region. Plezen is on south-western boarder of Czech next to Bavaria. In the upper right panel has a yellow camel facing towards the fly. Usually camels and Europe are hardly associated with each other. But during the medieval times a camel was brought to Czech area and made a deep impact on the Plezen Community.

North Bohemia

Here are the flags of the original bohemian people who have serendipitously become associated with being 'Bohemian.' I suppose South Bohemia is more bohemian since it has more colours?

When the flag of both Bohemias are United, the elements of earth, air, fire, and water can be seen. The flag of North Bohemia has the black fire eagle, water with waves (wind). While the flag of South Bohemia has a castle made from earth via stone, a flower that is of the earth, and the earthy colours of green and yellow.
South Bohemia

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