Thursday, June 24, 2010

Comcast Heraldry

In the two thousandth and tenth year of our Lord, Comcast Cable Network has proudly announced to America in a sublime-facetious tone that they have won the High Definition TV War.

A recently made big budget Hollyw
ood like commercial parodies a medieval battle scene. Comcast warriors are armed with high definition TVs while an unnamed enemy is armed with satellite dishes.

Official Corporate Colours of COMCAST

Comcast corporate warriors hold the official corporate Comcast co
lours: red and white. There are two types of flags, swallow tail pennants and long flags with serrated edges. The long flags are mounted to bamboo poles.

For the past two decades a war between Heaven and Earth has been raging for the attention of America. Fighting for the Earth is Comcast. Comcast is the last defender of earth based cable TV broadcasting. The two Heavenly rivals are DISH TV and DIRECT TV. Both use space age satellite technology, based in the heavens. I guess if DISH TV or DIRECT TV wanted to make a reprisal they could parody Star Wars or Star Trek?

Anyways Comcast took out all the stops on this advertisement. I enjoyed it, the musical score, acting, and script.

Comcast is here to kick butt and

wearing a sports jacket is not necessary

However.... It may be too harsh for the opposition. If Comcast wanted to snag new satellite customers into their camp, this commercial may make them feel like defeated losers. I can see that this commerical is supposed to make regular Comcast subscribers feel like they are on the winning team, but again it's a little threatening because if you leave Comcast they may put you on the rack? In any case the WAR shall continue, and I hope new flags will be seen!

Pity the man who hath a satellite dish, lest ye be
be defeated and scattered to the ends of the earth

Thoust may view the Commercial Hereth

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