Sunday, May 9, 2010

NAVA 42 Post Card

NAVA 42 (2008) took place in Austin, Texas and I proposed my flag symmetry concept to Vexillologists for the first time. I did not speak about it, but had a display and made several post cards for free, with one catch. If you took a post card you were supposed to email me and tell me what you think about my flag symmetry idea. So far only 2 persons have emailed me!

Anyways the card to the left shows the extreme pair of flags: the Confederate Naval Jack, 2nd design, is bonded to the Soviet Naval Jack, 1st design. One flag represents the extreme rational right-side of mind, while the other represents the extreme intuitive left-side of mind.

The ship on the bottom is the USSR's Icebreaker Sibiryakov. The Sibiryakov was the first vessel to sail across the Arctic Ocean in one season from Europe to Asia. She was originally a scientific ship but during WWII she was outfitted with weapons and armour. The fates saw that she tangoed with one of the most powerful and ships of the Nazi Fleet the, Admiral Scheer. Interestingly the Admiral Scheer was referred to as a he instead of a she. It was no contest, the warship Admiral Scheer sunk the Sibiryakov in the Arctic Ocean.

The ship to the right of the Confederate Flag is the CSS Shenandoah. She was the only Confederate ship to sail around the world. She crippled the US Merchant fleet in the North Pacific and was the last ship to lower the Confederate Flag. Interestingly before the Soviet Union adopted the red and white naval jack the Sibiryakov was the last ship to fly the first Soviet design that had crosses.

After the US Civil War, the CSS Shenandoah was poetically sold to an African Islamic Nation, the Sultan of Zanzibar. She was later lost at sea, perhaps in the Indian Ocean since Zanzibar is completely surround by it. Both the Shenandoah and Sibriyakov were rugged and cutting edge technology. And both were built by Scottish hands in Scotland.

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