Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mazda Plant Your Flag

A woman holding
the Mazda flag

Mazda recently ran a campaign with flags! Dubbed the 'plant your flag' motto, they made artistic and elegant use of their corporate flag.

Here a man plants his flag next
to the car of his choice

Mazda's name is based on the founder Mr. Matsuda, which literally translates as Mr. Pinefield. Mr. Pinefield was born in Hiroshima and founded the motorcar company in Hiroshima, so when you purchase a Mazda your cash is flowing to one of the most anti-nuclear weapons communities of the world.

This was my favorite flag, the 'sky-dive' flag. Someday the military or an olympic opening ceremony will have sky divers fly down in pairs illustrating my FLAG SYMMETRY phenomena. Which will is be, a masculine military might display or a feminine we are the world moment?

I think the Mazda (Hiroshima) people would prefer the feminine we are the world display!

It's very likely that the Mazda flag will change as the logo has changed over the years.

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