Monday, April 19, 2010

Hoegaarden the Beer of the Vexillology

Vexillology takes its name from the earliest type of structure that is essentially a stick with some kind of emblem on it, be it a feather, rod of power or shepherd's staff. From these poles of significance came with it a power over others. It evolved into political power. And eventually these decorated poles of enchantment became flags. They have come to represent political groups and factions of our modern society.

Hoegaarden beer is made in Belgium. On it's label there are two heraldic shields. On the superior shield a hand is holding a curvy cane, on the inferior shield a hand is holding a what looks like a box frame. They are not flags, rather they are vexilloids (from Vexillology).

As for the taste of Hoegaarden, it is a flavorful rich beer but unlike a dark bitter lager. It has a white foamy look. It is not so complex to dominate the pallet, but it definitely has a unique signature. It would work well with beer battered onion rings, oven cooked pizza, or any kind of cooked sandwich, say hot corned beef on rye.

The preferred beer of 9 in 10 Vexillologists

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