Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Flags

Easter Flags belong to a special group of flags that do not represent a nation, corporation, or political agency. Rather they are spiritual-communicative signal flags, kinda' like the naval letter flags. But instead of representing letters they represent the spirit.

Just as people fly flags of their ethnic heritage. These spirit holiday flags represent the spiritual identity of the persons flying it.

These flags are flown on holidays, and mostly by women, to let others know that this household is celebrating a particular holiday. Other common holiday-spirit flags are flags for Halloween and St. Patrick's Day. But I have yet to see a Passover Flag or Ramadan Flag. But soon enough there time will come.

Below is an Easter Flag, and to the right is a Passover flag made with photo shop.

Easter Flag in USA
Passover Flag made in USA
note the delicious deviled eggs!

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