Saturday, March 20, 2010

Millennial Split of Christian Europe: 1054

Flag of the Vatican
(Western Roman Church)

Flag of Eastern Orthodox Church
(Eastern Roman Church)

Since 2005, Pope Benedictine XVI
lived in a city-nation state within Italy:The Vatican

The senior spiritual leader of the Western Roman Church is called the Pope, while the senior spiritual leader of the Eastern Roman Church is called the Ecumenical Patriarch. Both their banners have yellow, crowns, and crosses.

The Western Catholic flag has a cross keys charge, while the Eastern Catholic flag has a Siamese Eagle holding a sword and the Royal Christian Orb.

Since 2005, Ecumenical Patriarch,
Bartholomew I,
has lived in Mt. Athos
in Greece, which is off limits to women

In 1054 the ancient Church of Europe split in two antagonistic churches, this was also the year a super nova was detected in the heavens. 500 years later the Western Roman Church fought perilously from within via the Catholic and Protestant conflicts, while the Eastern Roman Church would fight from beyond via the Orthodoxy and Islam conflict. The Eastern Orthodox Church lost Constantinople* to Islam, while the Western Roman Church lost nearly all of Northern Europe to Protestants.

*(the most sacred city of Christian Orthodoxy where the first Emperor of Rome declared Christianity the state religion, Constantinople is now called Istanbul)

Crown of Vatican Flag

Crown of 'Constantinople' Flag

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