Friday, March 12, 2010

2010 SNL Flag Short Analysis: Part IV

By Jacqueline Handy,

formerly of the Smiths and Black Flag were two wonderfully established alternative and punk bands of the underground scene during the 1980s. SNL is really showing their gray hairs with these groups. But instead of Morrisey the Moz they should have and Anti-Flag flag.

These two flags are united by the fact they are drawings. The famous Ziggy flag is based on the Ziggy comic strip that hit it big in the late 1970s, while the unknown Gag flag was probably drawn by a SNL cast member, it looks like a girl did the drawing. The Gag flag artist probably chose yellow tri-bars to match the yellow banana peel that the person is about to slip on.

Both are pictures of women with facial hair. The Freak Flag is of bearded woman who has no choice in the matter, God made her that way. While the Maggie flag has a girl that goes against her gender's identity. Maggie dressed in Draggie Flag? Technically Maggie is not dressed in Drag but rather dressed in Drab. Drab is when a woman is "Dressed a Boy" and Drag is when a man is "Dressed as Girl." 'It should be Maggie Dressed in Drabbie Flag.'

The stuff in the baggie flag is obviously tobacco that was grown in Jamaica. Zig Zag man represents the four traditional values of American conservatism hard work, God, humility, and gun ownership. Zig Zag papers allow smokers of tobacco to truly participate in the tobacco cigarette smoking process. Basically you put your chi flow into the cigarette, thus you can smoke your own chi with Zig Zag.

FYI: when people smoke tobacco they connect with chi of the earth via nicotine, but it's a very short connection and dose not interfere in work. Unfortunately, in American middle schools becoming a Nicotine Junkie is way too appealing and cool. Many movies and ads still promote Nicotine Junkie-hood. It is also still legal but getting difficult to express ones Nicotine Junkie-hood in public.

These are two popular musicians from the two extremes of American pop music, one representing Gen-X of black America and the other of Gen-X white America. Biggie passed away in 1997 and was from NYC. While Brett the former lead singer from the cross-dressing Poison group from the 1980s has reinvented himself on reality tv. A better match for Brett probably would have been a Flavor Flav Flag.

Not much of word match, but they harmonize by style. Taking Drags from a Fag Flag and Can I Get a Peek Flag seem like rather queer flags.

DR. FREUD SAYS: These two flags are linked by male homosexuality, a recently popular theme on Saturday Night Live and standard joke on Late Night TV. Gay humor can been seen with Connan O'Brien + La Bamaba and Jay Leno + Kevin Eubanks, as they often tease each other with man on man love jokes. But is it a joke, or some deeply held passion?

The man dressed in a garbage rags taking drags from a 'Fag' Flag indicates that he is not at peace with his inner gay life force and thinks of it as dirty and or an addiction he must hide, thus the colour black. While the 'nude man' with a flag on his chest has clearly embraced his true preference as a freedom via the American theme 'in the pursuit of happiness.'

There are very few people (men and women) who want to be flashed by a skinny naked white man with a six pack, however a large percentage gay men probably wouldn't mind. Thus 'Can I get a Peek Flag' represents the liberated gay man who is not afraid of inner happiness.


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