Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let's have peace and be gay

Gay Pride Flag
The Peace Flag is similar to the Gay Pride Flag. One of the first uses of the Rainbow Peace flag took place in Italy in 1961 against the use of nuclear weapons. The Gay Pride flag came a little later in 1978 and originally had a hot pink and turquoise stripe, that was later dropped. To the right is the current most popular version.

First Peace Flag in Italy,
Pace is Italian for Peace

The amazing harmony is the Rainbow Peace Flag and Gay Pride flag are reflective of a double rainbow. The first lower rainbow has red on top of the bow. If the rainbow is powerful enough a second usually fainter 'upside down' rainbow appears, with purple on top of the bow.

The upper rainbow is reflective of the Rainbow Peace Flag, while the lower rainbow reflects the Gay Pride movement. Therefore the peace and gay movement are mysteriously intertwined on some cosmic level.

I suppose the universe is saying Hippies and Gays just wanna be happy and live in peace? Or perhaps Gays should lead the peace movement? Who knows?

Original Peace Flag Colours 1961

Original Colours 1978

The following video was taken next to Big Ben and Parliament in the United Kingdom May 14, 2010. On my way to talk at the UK Flag Institute's Spring Meeting, I just happen to bump into this peace vigil-protest.

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