Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Flags of Dune

Flag of House Atreides on arrival at Dune

The movie Dune (1984) based on the novel by Frank Herbert. Dune was of the few movies to actually show flags of alien civilizations. The primary flag shown is that of the protagonists family and assumed home world on Caladan. Calandan is quite the opposite of Dune and has plenty of water unlike Dune.

The Colours of House Atreides
are dark green and black
Right now Hollywood is hot with remakes of Sci-Fri from the 80s! Tron, Superman, Transformers, etc. Soon we may soon get a remake of Dune. It totally needs one.

Frank Herbert was keenly aware the link between religion, psychoactive substances, science, and the seductive power of politics.


  1. Have you seen the Dune and Children of Dune miniseries by the Scifi Channel? It's the best version of Dune yet. Please no Hollywood remake unless its a properly done multi-parter like the Lord of the Rings series. The 1984 movie was heavily edited to cram it into 2 hours and it makes no sense in parts unless you have read the novel.

  2. Keep Dune Alive.

    And check Kyle M.'s tweet from late Aug. '16 in which he relates the plot of Dune via a paragraph of emojii.