Monday, February 15, 2010

Year of the Tiger 2010

Since it's the new year of the Tiger, it is only natural we talk about a flag with a Tiger on it!

The flag with Tiger on it represents the ill fated Tamil Tiger nation that almost was in Sri Lanka. It pitted 'Hindus' against 'Buddhists' and the war was finally concluded last year in 2009 or in the year just before the Tiger, the Ox.

Many people compared this conflict of East Asia to the conflict in West Asia between 'Israelis' and 'Muslims.'

Flag of Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka
just defeated last year in 2009

notice it looks like a sun
This flag makes a nice pairing with the flag of Kalantan, a state in Malaysia next to boarder on Southern Thailand. Just as the war between Buddhists and Hindus died down a new war in Southern Thailand erupted in the wake of September 11, on the Malay-Thai Border, it's kinda like the Afghani-Pakistan border but less the madness. But in this case it's Buddhists versus Muslims.

The state of Kelantan is not directly involved in the conflict but it is likely they are sympathetic to the Islamic Thai fighters dominated in a Buddhist nation in Thailand.

Flag of Kelatan State in Malaysia
notice it looks like a moon
These flags are similar in design and both have weaponry. The Tamil Tiger flag has machine guns with an arc of bullets, while the wavy krises swords of Kelatan are meant to cut down the enemy or defend the homeland.

But please be aware that no part of Malaysia is at war with Thailand. They are relatively happy neighbors. But another break away group with in a Buddhist nation has resorted to terrorism in their arsenal for independence, and if they won they may just join up Malaysia. But most likely these Islamic Siamese will suffer the same fate at the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka.

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