Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sweden & Finland

Flag of Sweden

Sweden & Finland are nations of Scandinavia. They are all to familiar with the harsh personalities of winter and both have lands in the Arctic Circle. This gives them a natural advantage in the Winter Olympics.

Although they are neighbors their languages are very distant and can not understand each other.

Flag of Finland

Sweden was pretty neutral during the WWII and as well during the Cold War, but they were already used to the cold anyways.
But long before WWI Sweden was one of the imperial warlords who made the effort to establish colonies in the Americas. They got started in Delaware and New Jersey but the Dutch terminated their efforts, who were then terminated by the British, who was finally terminated from within by the colonists.

The important thing is that when the Swedes were in the Delaware Valley they were also united with Finland. Some people argue that the log cabin really originated in Finland not Sweden, but Sweden gets all the credit.

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