Saturday, February 6, 2010

South Africa and Vanuatu

Flag of Vanuatu
The patterns and colours are fairly similar. Both of these nations are of the Southern Hemisphere and lush with wild beauty.

Oddly both of these nations have two white Siamese heads who were nominally at war with each other for much of the Imperial Era.

South Africa is divided with British versus the Dutch-Boers while Vanuatu is the perpetual 'Odd Couple' union of the British with the French.

Flag of South Africa
Just as the tribes of the whites are deeply divided by so are tribes the blacks. They are separated by language, traditions, and cultures.

If you thought only the USA had racial-minority religious issues? Think again!Both of these nations had to do some crazy stuff to achieve some kind of harmony. Best of luck to them all.

Coincidentally two flags that came to represent these nations match in design. The UK Union Jack in the central white stripe is the harmonious key.

Flag flown representing Vanuatu
at several sporting events (1963-2004)
Old South African Flag when
segregation-apartheid was the rule

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