Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sierria Leone & Lesotho

Sierra Leone
an African American homeland
carved in African for Africans
of the UK Empire returning to Africa

Sierra Leone & Lesotho are two African nations of distant lands who were united under the British Empire. Sierra Leone is north of the equator in West Africa, while Lesotho is south of the equator in East Africa.

Both nations are homelands designed by the British. Sierra Leone was a colony mostly of freed slaves, thus it is called the Liberia of the UK, or rather Liberia is the Sierra Leone of the US. While Lesotho is an independent homeland for native Africans on their own soil.

It'd be like.... if a Native American Indian reservations were to become their own nations....sort'a.

an African homeland for
Native Africans carved
out of South Africa

Blue, Green, and White are the themes that link these ancient sisters and brothers. Once again the amazing and bizarre linkage between nations makes its self evident!

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