Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gabon & Lesotho

Flag of Gabon
adopted by France
Two nations of the French speaking persuasion that are in Central Africa. The poetry of the sun is loud, royal and rich.

Rwanda teaches us the genocide is not a word limited to European or Asian civilization. People can be misled at the wrong time and wrong place to do horrible things to their neighbors. Perhaps the only vanguard against such atrocities is listening and patience. Say and do good, spend the effort and time to communicate, communicate, and communicate.
Flag of Rwanda
adopted by Germany & Belgium

Gabon was the 'Liberia' of France in much the same way that 'Sierra Leone' was to the UK. But before these lofty ambitions took hold, Gabon received her name from the Portuguese and it was a central slave depot for the Dutch, English, and French Colonies.

Rwanda like her fist adoptive parent Germany carries the scars, shame, and sadness of 20th century genocides. Sad this is yet it is also their honor and destiny in the afterglow of these sorrowful tragedies that we can distill a fragrant wisdom that can help keep our nations at peace.

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