Sunday, February 28, 2010

Jamaica & 'little jamaica' ie: Dominica

Flag of Jamaica

Jamaica and Dominica are in the Caribbean and have a deep ethnic heritage to Africa, and linguistic heritage to England. Even their flag designs are reflective of this. Jamaica has a 'Black Scottish' flag while Dominica has a 'Black English' flag, or rather Scotland has a 'White Jamaican' flag and England has a 'White Dominica' flag. Bottom line is that a certain percentage of Jamaican people have Scottish heritage just as a certain percentage of Dominica people have English heritage.

Flag of Dominica

Please don't get Dominica confused with Dominican Republic. In Dominica they speak English, you can think of it as a tiny version of Jamaica with no bobsled team, as of yet! It'd be better if they break into the luge first, so it wouldn't look like they are copying Jamaica.

FYI, the Dominican Republic shares space with Haiti on the large island in between Cuba and Puerto Rico, closer to North America. The Dominican is a small island closer to South America and in between the islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

The banners of these two island paradises are similar in colours and if Dominica didn't have the parrot in the center it would look too much like the Jamaican flag and some other vexillologist probably wound have discovered this phenomenon. But nope, your looking and the real McCoy. I'm the first human to recognize this trait amongst nations.

Unofficial Flag of Dominica
It's very Jamaicanesque without the parrot charge

PS... since I called Dominica the little Jamaica it's only fair I call Jamaica the 'Over Sized Dominica'

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