Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chad & Romania; Ebony & Ivory

Flag of Romania in Europe
It is a union with the heart of Europe with the heart of Africa. Romania is a central state of Europe and the only Romance speaking nation that is mostly Eastern Orthodox, all the other 'Romance-language nations' remained loyal to Rome except Romania.

Romania also has a varied mix of nations and languages. Romania has been ruled by Christians, Muslims, Fascists and Communists, can you imagine if your nation had such a rich history?

Islam, Christianity, and the Traditional Spirit all beat a life force into the nation of Chad. The peoples are diverse with Arabs to Black Africans with many languages. Like Romania, Chad has been ruled by Muslims, Christians, and Fascists. During the Cold War she had to fight with extreme right wing Islamic-fascists from Libya. But with a little help from France, Chad stayed away from the far right.

Flag of Chad in Africa
Romania is a central nation of Europe crossing the four seasons line at 45 degrees north (in between the north pole and equator). She gets all four seasons and has all full bodied range of mountains.

Chad is a central nation of Africa crossing the Arab-Black African line. Deserts and Jungles sculpt the land with a heavy tone of sunshine, Chad too has mountains and plains as well.

Both nations have a history of being dominated by some other nation. They are ancient dancing partners caught in the cross roads of civilization. The richness of their heritage is manifold and they have only begun their new golden era.

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