Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bahrain & Qatar: 9 to 5 zigs and zags

Flag of Qatar
Qatar is a peninsula : 9 zigs
coincidentally Qatar is bigger
thus a need for more zigs

Bahrain and Qatar are Arabian nations of the Persian Gulf. Naturally their flag designs have a harmonious balance. People often mistake Qatar's colour for being black, it's actually maroon!

The Persian Gulf retains stunning beauty as do these lands. Friendly to the west and blessed with an abundance of black gold, these humble nations are apart of our lives and in the business limelight.

Flag of Bahrain
Bahrain is an island
5 zags

Barharain is smaller
thus a less need of zags

Interestingly both nations have citizens that are minorities within their own nation! Something like less that 30% of the people living in either nation are actually Baharani or Qatari! See what happens when you get too rich too fast?

Anyways aren't the gnarly zigzags just plain awesome?

It's a rumor that Ziggy's paternal grandfather was Qatari!
Contrary to Bahrain's name, this island paradise gets little rain.

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