Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Western Sahara & Palestine, a totally tough grey call

Flag of Western Sahara

The flag of these respective entities represent controversial nation state issues. They are a national standards by some standards or rather doomed mis-begotten fabrics by others.

Western Sahara is considered a part of Morocco by many, just as Palestine is a part of Israel. All during the modern era war and terrorism have been an unwelcome social phenomena.

Flag of Palestine

Much of the world is divided over the recognition of these potential 'states.'

For regular American folk it's like those tense instant replays in football where the refs can't tell if the receiver caught the ball before being thrown out of bounds. No matter how many times you look at the replay it's a tough call.

Palestine had the PLO fighting for independence while Western Sahara had the Polasario Front.

Will the world welcome two more nations under the name of Palestine and Western Sahara?

For sports folk, will MLB ever expand in to Mexico or Latin America? Some would love it while others would rather rip their eyeballs out of their heads than see a MLB franchise in the Yucatan. However a few Canadian Hockey fans may feel justice served, because of left over angst when the US Sun Belt bought up several historic Canadian NHL teams.

If Western Sahara and Palestine became fully recognized states, many in Israel and Morocco would certainly be saddened by this event.

But if given a little bit of time, patience, and care it will all be fine. Everyone will eventually be happy with the outcome. After all isnt' it better to be optimistic than pessimistic, like
Optimus Prime? He was an optimistic robot-truck everyone could love.

Palestine is a critical issue for the United States, but Western Sahara is an issue barely known to the US Public. If Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio made a movie about Western Sahara or baseball in Panama some positive energy could come out of these tense situations.

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