Sunday, January 31, 2010

New UK Flag Proposal with Wales Aspect

The flag of the United Kingdom is a composite of flags: Scotland, England, & Ireland. However there is no official incorporation of Wales. Why are the Welsh ignored?

Well.... in honor of things Welsh, here is a flag that adds a smattern' of Welsh green!

New Union Flag with Welsh Colours

Amazingly Wales was the first kingdom united with England yet no major effort was ever made to incorporate Welsh identity in the famous UK flag!

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  1. Sadly (for I am Welsh) Wales had been defeated - ceasing to be a Kingdom in it's own right - long before the Union flag came into being. Edward I made it part of England in 1284 (Statute of Rhuddlan), and 17 years later made his eldest son (also Edward) Prince of Wales. When the first Union flag was created in 1601, Wales wasn't regarded as separate at all (except by the Welsh).