Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Eritrea & Djibouti, on the coast line of the Red Sea

Flag of Eritrea

Eritrea & Djibouti are two African Nations at the nexus point between Asia and Africa. Both Eritrea and Djibouti have coast lines along the ancient and mystical Red Sea.

You can think of the Red Sea as balanced with Black Sea, like a cosmic checkerboard. The Black Sea is the private sea between Asia & Europe, while the Red Sea is a private sea between Asia & Africa. But the Mediterranean Sea is balanced with all three: Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Flag of Djibouti

The similarity of their flags is sublime. They both have a triangle of different proportions extending into the middle. The upper half of Djibouti is blue and the lower half is green, while in Eritrea the upper half is green and the lower half is blue. Eritrea's triangle is mostly red with a yellow wreath and an standing olive branch, while Djibouti's triangle is mostly white with a red star.

With respect to faith, the people of Eritrea are equally divided with half using the Holy Bible as their spiritual text while the other half reads from the Holy Koran. But Djibouti is mostly Islamic at over 93% in Islam.

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