Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ecuador & Colombia

Flag of Ecuador

From the ashes of a super 'United States of South America' we have two magnificent remnants: Ecuador & Colombia. In the United States of America the union was held together but in South and Central America the rebellious spirit of the states triumphed over the will of preserving the union of Grand Colombia.

They are nominally united in language, ethnic, and spirit; Spanish, Mestizo, and Catholic. But yet totally divided by politics, much like Canada & the United States, or rather New York and South Carolina.

Flag of Columbia

Ecuador straddles two hemispheres since the equator crosses her lands, as it does as does Colombia!

They also have muy similar Coat of Arms. There is the grand CONDOR on the crest with the head tilted to the left. A repeat of the national flags in the supporter positions. Both have ships on the water, Colombia has two since she touches the Atlantic and Pacific.

Coat of Arms for Ecuador

Coat of Arms for Colombia

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