Thursday, January 21, 2010

Albania & Montenegro; Siamese Eagles

Siamese Golden Eagle of Montenegro

Albania and Montenegro are nations of the Balkan Peninsula. Or as my old history teacher called it, "Europe Minor". Europe Minor is right next to Asia Minor.

Both of their flags have the doubled headed eagle, or rather a 'Siamese Eagle.'

Black Siamese Eagle of Albania
The Siamese Eagle originally meant the dual power of Rome's two strongest cities in the Eastern and Western Empire, Rome and Constantinople.

In an American perspective you think of a Siamese Eagle representin' NYC and LA, the old established East meets the new age West (see below).

The Siamese Eagle is so appropriate for Albania and Montenegro since they are at the cross roads of East and West. Islam and Christianity were both able to root themselves in these nations, more so for Albania.

The Siamese Eagle is an accidental metaphor for these two wonderful religions. Both Islam and Christianity have the same root body; as they accept "Old Testament" (Hebrew) teachings, but on a fundamental literal role, their faiths are very difficult to reconcile. Islam believes that Jesus was simply a blessed 100% human Prophet born of a Virgin, while Christianity sees Jesus as a multilateral avatar of God and Son of God at the same time, which Islam thinks is ridiculous. Obviously these two ideas do not make a harmonious blend from a rational point of view.

"But ya gotta rememba' dat da notrious and all mighty big 'G' is the ultimate master of things irrational and rational, ya dig? You gawtz memories from da' mostly irrational Jreem World and memories from the mostly logical wakin' world, right? In the end its all just memories!
Don't worry about what dose not make sense in your puny logical human brain, da' one in charge has it all figured out, so have a little faith, shut yo mind off and get into the gap"...Snoopy Dog.

However, Islam and Christianity have found a home in the nations of both Albania and Montenegro, thus the double headed Eagle is so appropriate. Recently both nations flirted with Communism to no avail.

Also hidden within their names are the colours black and white. Albania/Albino-land & Montenegro/Mountain-negro

American Siamese Eagle
'Union of East Side and the West Side'

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