Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Switzerland & Turkey

Switzerland & Turkey are blood brothers of the Ancient Roman Empire, like Romulus and Remus. Long ago their lands had temples to the Gods - Jupiter, Venus, and Apollo.

Their paths would differ. Eventually much of Switzerland forsook the Holy Roman Empire. Turkey too would further forsake the Christian Roman Empires. As Switzerland would bury her Pagan Heritage for the rest of Eternity, so to would Turkey discard her Christian Roots till the End of Time.

Their beginning as national histories separate from their neighbors are synchronized to the same era. The first Swiss Cantons united in 1291 AD, while the Turkey became its own dominion in 1299 AD.

The Cross and Crescent are ancient symbols of the perpetual dichotomy of Western Civilization. Two great faiths were born out of the children of Abraham that allowed gentiles access to the God of Abraham - Islam and Christianity. Their cosmic contest for souls and power in the Mediterranean World cut it in two - guaranteeing neither 'spiritual operations systems' the Bible or Koran a monopoly.

Both Christianity and Islam originated from Asia. On the African Coast Islam rooted itself deepest while on the European Coast Christianity dominated the lands. But there is a balance, since there is a sizable Christian Population on Egypt likewise there is a large Islamic Population in South Eastern Europe.

The Swiss are different from their European brothers whence they became a neutral nation forsaking the spillage of blood since WWI, while Turkey too is different from here Islamic sisters as she followed the ways of Europe after WWI becoming a secular democracy. She also returned to the alphabet of Rome. Turkey discarded the holy script of Arabic in public usage to be more like her European Cousins to the west than her Islamic Brothers to the east.

Sad it was after the fall of Rome. Sadder even more after the Fall of Turkey's Ottoman Empire for Europe would witness the greatest and most tragic war between nations, the War of Endless Tears (1936-1945). Both Switzerland and Turkey were mostly neutral nations during this most tragic yet grandest and final war of European Warlords. Although Turkey respectfully joined the Allies three months before Hitler was defeated.

This war has many names sometimes it is called World War II (Winter 1941-1945) and by others it is called The Great Patriotic War (Summer 1941-1945) in the East.

Their flags strikingly mirror the red crescent and red cross flags, more so for Switzerland as she was the originator of this organization. Their fields of red are charged with a centered white symbol of their dominant faith. They are so near to Rome yet so far away.

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