Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kiribati with Antigua & Barbuda

FLAG OF KIRIBATI: Nation of the first sun
with two extra time zones that reach into
the future
. The nation of the 1st New Years

These two nations are on opposite oceans and worlds away yet their flags look similar. Blue and white represents the waters that surround their lands. Antigua & Barbuda are in the Atlantic Ocean, specifically the Caribbean just east of Puerto Rico. While Kiribati is in the South Pacific, south of Hawaii. The flag of A&B has what could be a rising or setting sun. Coincidentally when the sun rises over A&B at 6:01am, tomorrow has already begun in Kiribati, for it is 12:01am the next day.

Kiribati lies in a strange time zone that is actually 25 hours ahead of Alaska. The Eastern Part of Kiribati is officially the first nation to see the new day and the new year!

Flag of Antigua & Barbuda: a rising
sun on
her shores indicates a new
has officially started on earth

Once again the uncanny symmetry of flags reveals itself!

Happy New Year to all, may 2010 be the year where we undo this horrible economic trend!

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